Swing Simple is said to be one of the easiest golf instruction videos to understand on the market.This dvd covers the correct positions in the full swing. Scott Barrett makes learning the proper Full Swing positions easy and fun. Learn how many of today's top tour players and top amateurs are swinging the golf club.
Swing Simple Special Features:
   *Scene selection screen...Watch each swing
     position video separately.
   *Practice Station...Shows how to align yourself when
     practicing your swing.
   *Ball Contact...Explains how spin on the ball makes the
     ball curve in flight. 
Swing Simple Short Game goes into detailed instruction on how to putt, chip, pitch and hit different kinds of sand shots. The instruction is illustrated very clearly and is said to be one of the easiest golf instruction dvd’s to understand on the market. The instruction is straight to the point and does get noticeable results for the students. No gimmicks or false promises  like some golf dvd’s these days .Learn how many of today's top tour players and top amateurs are putting, chipping and pitching.
Scott has spent a life time teaching the golf swing and studying what is the most effective way to play the game for golfers of different skill levels.
*Learn the proper setup for putting and where you should contact the ball in your Stance.
*See how many top players practice there putting.
*Learn what clubs to use for chipping and pitching around the green and how to hit
  special shots like the high fast stopping fade.
*Learn how to hit sand shots in different conditions from green side and fairway bunkers.
           "The best, the easiest to grasp! Swing Simple by Scott Barrett has improved my   golf game so much! It is amazing how seeing the components of the swing in such a logical way sticks  in my minds eye so effectively."   Kay Brandon.

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Bow Productions is currenty offering :
Swing Simple , Swing Simple Short Game , Course Management  and the new Golf as a Beginner videos.
In DVD and Blu-ray formats.
Swing Simple,Swing Simple Short Game and Golf as a Beginner are the first 3 golf Instructions Video's to be offered on Blu-ray Disc.
Swing Simple
Swing Simple Short Game
Swing Simple Course Management
Golf as a Beginner